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High-performance data acquisition systems for diagnosis and fatigue life monitoring for use in motor vehicles, heavy vehicles, wind turbines, ships and aircraft. Our top product – the SWIFT MICRO-II data acquisition system – is mainly used for long-term measurements in the car industry, heavy metal industry …

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Recorder: MICRO-IIEvaluation Method: Rainflow (RF) & Transient Mode (TM) & Time at Level (TaL)Channels: 20 measuring, 10 virtualDuration: Several monthsObject: ChassisPurpose: Verification of design and engineering improvements Special Feature: Simultaneous recording of GPS data; automatic data retrieval via Remote Link; online evaluation of suspension clamping Tram …

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Offline evaluations

SOFTWARE LICENCE PACKAGES FOR DIGITAL CHANNELS Track View This add-on to the MAS Terminal programme enables the display of the covered distance by means of the recorded GPS data. Together with other time-correlated recording methods, e.g. TM or DE, the geographical position of the recorded signal …

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