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High-performance data acquisition systems for diagnosis and fatigue life monitoring for use in motor vehicles, heavy vehicles, wind turbines, ships and aircraft. Our top product – the SWIFT MICRO-II data acquisition system – is mainly used for long-term measurements in the car industry, heavy metal industry …

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Typical ranges of application of our data acquisition systems are: Long Term Measurements Fatigue Life Time Estimations Performance Testing Test Bench Supervision Quality Assurance Product Supervision Remote Monitoring of Inaccessible Objects via GSM Safety Monitoring Details of typical applications of our data acquisition systems: Applications of …

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SWIFT’s direct evaluation data acquisition systems have been used for Fatigue Life Monitoring and Diagnosis for more than 35 years. As a competent partner, we are solution oriented and customer focused. We provide specialised expertise for both hardware and software developments.

Lynx Helicopter

Recorder: AIDAEvaluation Method: Sequentiel Peaks and Troughs with Time and Master/Slave concept (SQTMS)Channels: TwentyDuration: Permanent use in every helicopter in a fleetObject: Lynx Helicopter in operational servicePurpose: Reducing the maintenance intervals; increasing security and lifetime Special Features: Customised recorder software A 20 channel Micro-II-MIL was used …

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Wind Turbine

Recorder: MATCH-II, MATCH-II-4Evaluation Method: Rainflow (RF) & Transient Mode (TM) & Time at Level (TaL)Channels: Two and fourDuration: Several yearsObject: Blades flapwise and edgewise, tower basePurpose: Measurement of the operating loads Special Feature: Retrieval of collected data via Remote Link using network To monitor the loads …

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Cement Mill

Recorder: MATCH-IIEvaluation Method: Rainflow (RF) & Time at Level (TaL)Channels: FourDuration: Several monthsPurpose: Determination of material load after the occurance of cracks in the body Special Feature: Extremely rough environment; power supply through dry battery A long term analysis at a cement mill focused on the …

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Test Bench

Recorder: MATCH-IIEvaluation Method: Rainflow (RF) & Time at Level (TaL)Channels: TwoDuration: Several yearsObject: High pressure fuel injectorsPurpose: Monitoring of the required testing load Special Feature: Network connection of several recorders to provide up to 20 measurement channels, with a sampling rate of 10kHz Modern common-rail diesel …

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Forging Press

Recorder: MATCH-IIEvaluation Method: Rainflow (RF) & Time at Level (TaL)Channels: ThreeDuration: Several yearsPurpose: Monitoring of forces during warranty period Special Feature: Online calculation of a third channel from two measurement points; retrieval of data via Remote Link Operators of forging presses usually try to “optimise” the …

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Typical Applications Check load assumptions for front and main landing gear Check of load assumption for wings and structure of aircraft in special missions (display of target) Check of strain and moment Life time monitoring power plant and structure to adapt inspection intervals, to increase system …

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