The MAS-MICRO-III-X-Recorder, our third MICRO- Generation, is a future-oriented, efficient, directly recording and autonomous data recording system and is now available in versions for 4 to 40 channels.

The most important features of the new MAS MICRO-III-X Recorder are listed as below

  • Use in field testing as well as in the laboratory
  • Small dimensions, lightweight design and low power consumption
  • Wide sensor spectrum: ICP sensors, inductive travel sensor (LVDT), Potentiometers, DMS as well as temperature sensors (Pt100, Pt1000)
  • Direct connection of DMS-bridges, half-bridges and quarter-bridges
  • Stabilised sensor supply up to 10V
  • Supply of active sensors up to 15V
  • Simultaneously scanning Delta-Sigma converters
  • Up to 10000Hz sampling rate per channel
  • Variable input filters
  • CAN-BUS, RS232, PC-Card slot

Further features optionally available

  • Carrier frequency amplifier for LVDT and DMS , Recording of GPS position data
  • Remote data scanning via Remote-Link
  • Ethernet port
  • Supports Plug&Play USB-2.0 data media

The MAS-MICRO-III-X provides vast reserves in processing power for executing complex algorithms, e.g. Fourier transformation and power spectral density (PSD) analysis which, amongst others, is applied in the Structural Health Monitoring System (SHM). In conjunction with innovative SW evaluation tools, the actual prediction of fatigue life and damages is possible, in par ticular in the area of fatigue strength monitoring!
The measured data can be stored on memory cards or USB data media or be transmitted via Ethernet, RS232 and visualised with Diadem or Diadem-compatible software, e.g. Flexpro.