MAS Match-II for Test Bench Monitoring

MAS Match-II for Test Bench Monitoring

The Match-II has two measuring channels which can be connected via BNC connectors with the test bench control system. Normally, on one of the channels the reference value and on the other channel the actual value of the control sensor is recorded. Both inputs are designed for the test bench typical voltage range of ┬▒ 10V (resp.0...10V). In addition, the measuring range can be continuously adjusted down to 0...1V.This allows optimal use of the measuring range.

The Match-II is very compact and uses very little power, therefore it can be integrated directly into the test bench control system. In order to control the recorder the available test bench PC can be used. Since the Match-II operates autonomously, there is no risk of data loss even when there is a failure of the test bench PC.


  • Direct connection to the test bench via BNC-Connectors
  • Two channels: reference value and actual value input
  • High accuracy (0,25%) and high resolution (256 classes)
  • Low data volume
  • Direct counting of Rainflow cycles (RF)
  • Unlimited recording duration (RF)
  • Detection of unexpected signal peaks as a time signal recording, including pre- and pos-trigger
  • High sampling rate (2kHz)
  • Convenient Windows operating software for parameterization, data transmission, evaluation and export function for Excel
  • Highest reliability and availability
  • Factory calibrated, incl. calibration certificate
  • DKD calibration (optional)


  • Quality assurance: Proof of correct test procedure execution, exposure of test errors
  • Documentation: Proof guidance towards third parties (company/subcontractor), archiving
  • Failure analysis: Time series analysis of unexpected signal peaks