Ocean Easy

Ocean Easy

The OCEAN-Easy recorder is a powerful, direct recording autonomous data acquisition system with 2 channels. It is the extremely affordable version of the successful autonomous SWIFT data acquisition system.

The main features of the OCEAN-Easy-Recorder:

  • up to 2000Hz sampling rate
  • analogue input ┬▒10V
  • 1000Hz low pass filter of 4th order
  • digital input e.g. for frequency measurements, rotational frequency up to 10kHz
  • 12Bit analogue/digital converter
  • very robust casing
  • industrial temperature range
  • protection class IP 64
  • connection via USB-port
  • sensor connection via clamp-connection
  • data storage of measured values
  • clamp-connection for the sensor system

The OCEAN-Easy-Recorder suits perfectly for e.g. monitoring torques at generators, gearboxes of wind turbines or on drive shafts in general. Example: The torque can be recorded via the analogue channel and the rotational speed is recorded via the digital channel.

In connection with innovative software methods optimal structural health monitoring and analysis is possible!