Structural Health Monitoring System (SHM)

Stand-alone Structural Analysis for long-term Industrial Application

Continuous structural health monitoring for mechanical structures, e.g. bridges, wind power plants or vessels can be used to identify nascent damages and to optimise maintenance strategies. The analysis of oscillation characteristics of the structure has been proven as a suitable approach. Based on resonance frequency and oscillation modes, parameters are generated indicating alterations of the structure.

Customer's Benefit

By detecting significant deterioration and consequentially preventing damages the operational reliability of the structure is enhanced. In conjunction with an on condition based maintenance approach the system will help to reduce total operational costs in a sizeable amount and to avoid warranty claims.

System Development

The Fraunhofer LBF refined the algorithms for the oscillation analysis, which initially execute a correlation estimation and subsequently extract the interesting oscillation modes and resonance frequencies. As for an actual long term instrumentation the use of dedicated vibrators is out of question, therefore methods of operational modal analysis are used.