SGA - Strain Gauge Amplifier

Technical Data


The amplifier supplies a stabilized voltage for 2 full bridges of strain gauges, filters and amplifies the differential voltages of the strain gauges and provides an interface to a data recorder.

  • Intelligent error recognition logic
  • Supports 4-pole 350 Ohm SG bridges
  • Differential input signal
  • Inputs protected from too high voltage
  • Input signal impedance > 5 MOhm at 25°C
  • Common mode rejection at ┬▒5 V:
  • Optional output voltage offset of ┬▒5 V
  • Accuracy including output filter: +1%
  • Accuracy guaranteed at temperatures between 40°C and +70°C
  • Output noise less than 20 mV
  • Output filter: Active Butterworth low-pass filter
  • SG supply: 10 V DC


  • Coupling / Adjustment of sensor signals to data loggers (crash recorder/monitoring systems)
  • Monitoring of structures / stress measurements, especially in case of scarcely
    accessible sensors, e.g. in wings and structural components (CFK)