Automatic Data Transfer

Automatic Data TransferThe ADT software allows the automatic transfer of the complete data from a recorder to the PC terminal. Through additional command line parameters the recorder can execute the commands “Start”, “Stop” and “Clear” before or after the data transfer. After down-loading the ADT software automatically stores the data on the hard disk. To prevent overwriting, the new file name is automatically consecutively numbered. The programme is started from the command line and needs no further user interaction. Regular down-loading of data including automatic stop, clear and start of one or several recorders is easily established by means of the WINDOWS application Planned Tasks. Together with the Remote Link option, the ADT software can also be used for remote data read out via modem. If several modems are available, data transfer of several recorders can be carried out at the same time. During the data transfer all transfered data are temporarily stored. In case of an unintended disruption of the link, the ADT-Software wil automatically try to re-establish the connection and continue the transfer from the point where it was disrupted. All performed actions are stored in a log file that can be checked by the user at any time.