Network Sensor Nodes

Sensor Network

The new network for all devices of the Match-II-ADV and MATCH-II-XDV series allows the merging of these recorders to an even more powerful, spatially distributed data acquisition system with a significantly increased number of measuring channels. The recorders are connected to each other via CAN-network and are jointly addressed from a dedicated network node, the gateway.

Through this gateway, all recorders in the network can be configured, controlled and addressed directly.

All recorders in the network can be controlled via one single Remote-Link connection as the access from a PC to the gateway remains unchanged via RS232 resp. USB

  • Ethernet or WLAN
  • WAN
  • GSM

The network will not only carry out simple control tasks but performs the following additional functions:

  • synchronous control (start/stop) of all network nodes via gateway
  • timed synchronization of the recorders with accuracy in the micro-second range
  • timed synchronous exchange of trigger events between different nodes
  • robust CAN-network allows a spatial distribution of nodes across several 100 meters
  • communication between recorders with a four- wired, shielded cable
  • power supply via one central supply point (6,5V to 28V)
  • local connection of up to 8 different sensors depending on the used recorder
  • simple wiring
  • use of the recorder as an individual unit
  • guarantees maximum flexibility