Data Records

The directly classifying methods implemented in the MAS Recorder line enable to highly compress the complex stress events. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for long-term testing applications. Unfortunately, these methods, like Rainflow or Time at Level counting, implicate the loss of any reference to time. The upgrade “Data Records” enables the Recorder to gather the classified data, automatically save them at a defined time, and continue the measurement in a new array. The MICRO-II Recorder retains the saved data records on an exchangeable FLASH card. Since all measured data including the time series are swapped out, this technique increases the possible recording duration for time series recording. Thus, the useable memory can be extended up to 2 Gbyte. Those MATCH-II and MICRO-II Recorders featuring no FLASH card option retain the data records in the unutilised internal memory. Thereby, the MATCH-II-ADV can save more than 50 Rainflow data records for two channels. The current data record can be automatically changed at adjustable interval or additionally be triggered by an external digital signal. You can retrieve the data records on your PC in form of individual measurements. For better clarity they are automatically retained in a separate sub-directory. The Data Record Option is available as software upgrade for all older versions of MICRO-II and MATCH-II Recorders as well. Moreover, each MICRO-II Recorder can be subsequently extended by the FLASH card hardware.