CAN Data Bank Link for the Application in Vehicles

The parametrisation of CAN Bus channels is rather complex and difficult to understand by the inexperienced user. Moreover, the setting of numerous parameters is intricate and error-prone. For this reason most of the automakers provide the parameters for the various CAN signals in the form of data bank files. Such a CAN data bank file contains all descriptions required for setting the channel parameters for all (“public”) signals. There, the employed quasi-standard is the so-called CANdb data bank format (“dbc” format) from the firm Vector. In order to utilise these data banks, SWIFT has extended its Terminal software controlling the MAS Recorder line by an import function for this CAN data bank. If you have a respective CAN data bank, the parametrisation with this import function option becomes a walk-over. Simply select the desired signal by its name, and all settings for the selected channel will be accepted per push button. The built-in data bank browser and a search function facilitates locating the desired signal. The CAN data bank link is available as upgrade to the Terminal software for the MICRO-II and MATCH-II.