Powerful Data Recording Systems For Diagnosis and Fatigue Life Monitoring

Powerful Data Recording Systems For Diagnosis and Fatigue Life Monitoring

Applied to Automobiles, Commercial Vehicles, Heavy Machinery, Wind Turbines, Ship Industry and Aircraft

Swift has been working successfully for more than 35 years in data acquisition systems. Our data acquisition systems and analysis software have been installed since decades for Fatigue Life Monitoring and Diagnosis in a wide area of applications, such as the car industry, heavy machinery, wind energy industry, ship industry and in the aircraft industry as well in the civil as in the military sector.

During our long cooperation with international Research and Development departments of universities and institutes, our data systems have been continuously improved with the experience and feedback from our customers.

As a competent partner we also provide customised solutions for specific requirements and are at your service for developments as well as adaptation in the area of both hardware and software. Our company is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and we do have the “Certificate of Approval as a Contractor for Bundeswehr Aeronautical Equipment” for years already.

Our top product – the SWIFT MICRO-II data acquisition system – is mainly used for long-term measurements in the car industry, heavy metal industry and in the aircraft industry.

For all measuring tasks the MAS MATCH-series is available in two to eight channel edition with all disposable software methods. These systems have been proven and tested in industry for decades, especially for mobile applications for both short- and long term measurements. This hardware and software combination provides a very efficient method for statistical monitoring and analysis of, for example strain, speed, temperature and acceleration.

The MATCH-II-XDV enables you to directly record time signals with high resolution over several days up to months as well as automatically save more than 1000 data records. It provides an exchangeable data memory (SD, SDHC, MMC) up to 32 Gigabyte, software controlled half bridge complement, 16Bit analogue-digital converter and the option for IPC acceleration sensors.

SWIFT presents with the latest development of the third MICRO-Generation, the MAS-MICRO-III-X-system, a future-oriented, efficient, directly recording and autonomous data recording system which is available in versions from 4 to 40 channels. This recorder provides vast reserves in processing power for executing complex algorithms, e.g. Fourier transformation and power spectral density (PSD) analysis which, amongst others, is applied in the Structural Health Monitoring System (SHM).
A wide range of sensors, small casing as well as little weight enable this system to be used in the field and in laboratories.

In conjunction with innovative SW evaluation tools, the actual prediction of fatigue life and damages is possible, in particular in the area of fatigue strength monitoring!

The option “Remote Link“ allows the remote control of both MICRO-II and MATCH-II units via a telephone link, enabling remote downloading of measured data and changing of control parameters in the recorder. The option “Network” provides flexible control of several recorders simultaneously applicable at different measuring locations. These options ensure compatibility with the latest developments and requirements of modern distributed data acquisition systems, amongst others GPS and CAN-BUS data base support.

In the context of a project supported by the Federal State of Hessen, SWIFT, jointly with other partners from research and industry, developed a Structural Health Monitoring System (SHM) that is suitable for monitoring of diverse mechanical structures. Such system, for instance can continuously record and analyse the vibration behaviour of the structure at normal operation. Through the early online identification of any damage, sufficient time would remain to locate possible faults and take suitable rectifying measures. The resultant prevention of significant damages and consequential damages does not only enhance the operational reliability but will also save sizeable expenses. Without doubt, this will have positive consequences in terms of avoiding defects liability claims and economising on periodical intermediate inspections.

We offer a complete measuring service to our customers together with our cooperation partners which includes preparation of a concept, installation of the measuring equipment, strain gauges and sensors, provision of measuring instruments and materials as well as assistance, analysis and final test report.